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Liam Bratton Earns Prestigious Recognition in the 2024 NZ Adviser Top 25 Brokers!

Updated: 5 days ago

1st July, 2024


We are delighted to announce that our very own Liam Bratton has earned himself a spot in the prestigious 2024 NZ Adviser Top 25 Brokers. This is a huge honour for both Liam and the rest of the team at Naked Finance. We always knew he was top but it is good to get official recognition from the New Zealand Adviser (NZA).

image of NZA top broker 2024 medallion

The NZA works tirelessly to keep mortgage brokers and finance professionals up to date on all that is happening in the financial world and as an impartial authority in this sector, who better to identify the best of the best in the industry. The NZ Adviser conducted an exhaustive research study spanning four months to identify and showcase the industry's top performers. In this thorough assessment, Liam Bratton has emerged as one of the distinguished contributors to the industry.

Winners card presented to Liam in recognition of making it into the top 25 Mortgage Brokers in New Zealand

How were these top 25 identified? The NZA explains their process by the following: “NZ Adviser’s 30+ strong Intelligence Unit determined the winners by following a rigorous process, which included interviewing objective industry professionals and conducting extensive research.  The winners are those who matched the exacting Top 25 Brokers criteria.”


When told of this achievement, Liam was excited, albeit bashful, to be recognized for the many years of service he has given to the industry. Liam has always taken such pride in his trade and the long-standing relationships he builds with his clients. He hopes that to be acknowledged as one of the industry's finest within the mortgage domain will give more home buyers the confidence to reach out to the Naked Finance team for advice and support.

Image of the front over of the NZA magazine showing Liam recognised as one of the top 25 mortgage brokers in New Zealand.

 So what did Liam have to say about this awesome recognition? ~ “It is heartwarming to know that many of my clients put my name forward for this recognition. It truly means a lot to me that my passion is seen through my work. 

I am genuinely excited about the direction Naked Finance is heading and the software being rolled out to assist our clients in their journey to what we confidently can plan for -  an early and financially well off retirement. We have so many great things on our horizon.”

Chris Sweeney, Managing Editor for Special Reports at NZ Adviser, shared his insights on the selection process, stating, Liam Bratton has been recognised in the Top 25 for their exemplary and proactive performance, specifically their ability to understand clients, communicate adeptly and deliver personalised service.” 


This recognition underscores Liam Bratton’s dedication to industry excellence and its continued commitment to delivering exceptional results. Read Liam’s full profile below or on the NZA website here.


If you want to talk to Liam or any one of the team at Naked Finance, reach out today.


About Liam Bratton, our very own top broker:

Since graduating from high school in 2005, Liam Bratton has been helping Kiwis secure mortgages by providing quality, independent advice and sharing in the often-emotional experience of buying a home.


No question is off-limits for the specialist mortgage adviser and director at Naked Finance, as he takes pride in educating his clients about the mortgage market so they have every tool necessary to realise their dream of home ownership.


“Over the 20 years I have been in finance, it still astounds me the pace at which the financial outcomes among New Zealanders have worsened,” Bratton says. “The average age of first-home ownership has shot up dramatically, which means Kiwis are clearing out their KiwiSavers later, leaving them less time to build it back up, and mortgage terms are finishing well into retirement for most.”


About 2024 NZ Adviser Top 25 Brokers:

NZ Advisers conducted its inaugural search for Top Brokers in New Zealand to discover who are the best brokers in the country for acting in their clients’ interests. From a diverse cross-section of mortgage professionals, we got the opportunity to spotlight remarkable examples of passion, dedication, and commitment.


In March, the NZA team undertook a rigorous marketing and survey process, leveraging its connections to thousands of readers across the country. NZA readers were asked to nominate their mortgage brokers and rate them on six key criteria. The most voted-for brokers that received an average score of 8 or higher were named Top 25 Brokers, who are recognized based not on revenue but rather on the service provided to their clients.



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