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First time investor? Looking for a more holistic approach to investing? Or maybe you need a helping hand with your asset management. Whatever you need, we can be there to help you achieve the investment portfolio you strive for. 

Is it just about saving? Or is there something more you can do?

Since we were kids, we have been told to save, save, save! But is that always the right thing to do with your hard-earned cash? Not always. Some factors that may affect your approach to investing are risk tolerance, financial requirements, and when you need to access the money. Investing could earn you much higher rewards than a savings account but this will not be without risk. Another consideration is the time frames you are working in. Are you saving for a short term goal or long term gains? If you have a short term intention for your money, you may be better off stashing your cash in a savings account but if your goals are longer term, you might see more reward from an investment portfolio. 

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How could investment work for you?

We are going to ask what it is YOU want to achieve. Everyone has different circumstances and different motivations so it is no wonder that each approach we take is unique. 

Questions we might ask to learn the financial motivations you might have:

  • Do you want to retire early?

  • Do you want to give back to your community?

  • Do you have kids that you want to help onto the property ladder?

  • Do you want to go on more holidays, maybe travel a bit more?

  • Or just live a more stress-free lifestyle now?

Personalised, 1 on 1 training

60 minute consultation - Let's sit and chat. Tell us about you.

Formal risk profile - We don't paint everyone with the same brush. What are your pain points?

Personalised advise - tailored to you

Competitive Pricing - try and beat us. because we will match it.

Product implementation - We will set it all up and hand you a completed solution

Jesus! That was close!

Let’s sit down and work through some ideas and see what feels right, remember the process is always consultative and you have the final say! Click below to maximise your tomorrow. 

So why would you want to work with us?

your opinion matters

We will set some guiding principles but it is always a consultative process. Ultimately, you will make the decision as to where your hard-earned money is invested.

We keep an eye

We monitor all our investments. After all, we have a vested interest, we would never tell you to do something we weren't prepared to do ourselves. We are likely invested personally in the same funds as you!


We believe in a synergistic approach to finance, and investments are no exception. Policies need to be working to a unified plan to achieve financial freedom.

Invest a little time in us

Investing can be an intimidating task for anyone. Whether you are starting out, or have an existing portfolio you feel could be performing a little better, Naked Finance could be the difference you are looking for. We feel passionately about the benefits of a good investment and want to help make financial freedom a reality for everyone. Take the first step and get in contact with our dedicated team. 

A brief "why us" pitch.

Investment Budget Planner

Budget Planner

Facts and Fiction

  • What is the need for life insurance?
    There are two main mindsets for life insurance. This first is to 'maintain' the lifestyle of your loved ones after you have passed. This essentially means that all your debts will be covered so they are not burdened with them. The second mindset is to improve the lives of your loved ones, to elevate them. Both ensure Funerals are covered, as these can be a costly affair. Life insurance can really be whatever you want it to be so have a chat with us to see what your options are.
  • What happens if you don't tell the insurer something important?
    In short, your insurer could rightfully deny you cover for exclusions that you failed to disclose. It is important to be truthful when signing up to insurance so you can be protected to the fullest.
  • Is it worth getting health insurance in NZ?
    We are lucky here in NZ. We have a few safety nets that are already in place to care for our health. There is the public health system and ACC for accidents. If you need "acute" surgery the public health system will care for you, but you will be triaged against other patients, which means it could be some time before you get seen. And for most, your care will only be subsidised so you still may face a big bill at the end of it. With private health insurance, you will get in front of the right people much quicker, which is priceless for peace of mind. Non Pharmac treatment options are also available through private health insurance. This can be a 'make or break' for treatment.
  • How much is health insurance in NZ?
    Well this depends on who you are and what you want to cover. There are a variety of packages and providers on the market so we would take time to focus in on what it is you need. But "how much?" we hear you ask again... As much as we would love to give precise figures, it is all on a spectrum from quite cheap to quite expensive. Tell us all about your needs and what you're able to spend and we will find the right package for you.
  • Which employer has the best health insurance?
    Luckily, more and more employers are providing health insurance as staff are requesting it. This is more likely to be by big firms, but Naked Finance is part of a group that can offer health insurance packages for teams as small as five people! We are more than happy to have a chat to your employer if you'd like to introduce the conversation. Speak to us to find out more.
  • What are the different types of insurance? Is it just Health and life Insurance?
    Well health and life insurance are the two most widely known, but there are several other services that are worth your consideration. Trauma / Disability insurance is generally known as a lump sum product where you get paid out a lump sum when you have a critical illness. And income protection replaces the income you will lose while you're not able to work. If you think you can protect yourself against more, chat with us to see what packages will be best for you.
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