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Do you you hate your mortgage too?

Bad news: We ain't going to pay it for you. Good news: Let's see what we can do to soften the blow. 

Interest rates, they go down slow and up like a rocket...oh the joys! 

Are you riding the roller coaster?

Sadly, there aren't many of us that are not affected by the whims of interest rate changes, and the associated knock on effects. What we do well, is help people soften the blow and ensure that any changes do not adversely affect day to day family life. 

Lets create you a plan of attack

I pride myself on taking the time needed to really unpack a clients situation and work with them to get the best result, for them. I stress the last point because it is important to realise that not everyone's journey is going to look the same, nor are their goals.

Most Kiwis don't realise that they should be receiving regular financial advice regarding their KiwiSavers. We're here to change that! We want to show you exactly where you are at and where your could be in time.


Financial Adviser & Director of Naked Finance

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Your Next Steps:

1. Complete the Quiz

2. Book a review to sort those pesky rates

3. Lets build you a plan to get you smiling

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